Monday, July 27, 2015

Chewlry Teething Necklaces

             Sensory Beads by Sandra

to order email me at: sensorybeads@gmail.com

  Several of our children have oral sensory needs. I looked at the chewy toys online but the prices made me reconsider. Then one day while out shopping I found some, but the price, ouch! Do I buy one or don't I? I finally decided to buy two of them and I was glad I did. Lia and Joseph walked around chewing on their beads for the remainder of the day. Those beads are still among their most cherished possessions. 

   Dean got to thinking and researching and figured out we can make and sell them for much less than I paid so we began experimenting and this is what we came up with. 

A custom made necklace 

10" and 15" chewy bead necklace

Sensory beads are made with 15 mm food grade silicon beads, nylon string and break away safety clasp so your child cannot strangle. These are made for older children with oral sensory needs but are also excellent for teething toddlers and babies. Specify boy or girl, or let me know what colors you prefer and I will do my best to accommodate you.

15" necklace $11.50  
10" Necklace $8.00 

(price does not include $3.00 shipping)

to order email me at: sensorybeads@gmail.com

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