Monday, February 25, 2013


Hi everyone! I am finally starting a blog. Something I dreamed about, agonized over and prayed about. Like every family out there we have our rough spots and I didn't know if I want everyone reading about them, we also have those moments that I just have to share with others, so here goes! My husband Dean and I have 5 children. 1 is "homemade", three came to us through the blessing of adoption and the 5th is a foster child whom we hope to adopt. Today is Tristans 9th birthday, he is our only biological child and is the one who made me a mommy. Nine years ago I would have found it very hard to believe all the joys and sorrows we would face .... new babies, infertility, moves, adoptions, foster care, surgeries and a closer walk with my Savior. My goal is to spread the good news of the gospel through this blog and hopefully share with others the great love that God has shown to me.
  Today was one of those days that give me spring fever. I longed to get out in my flower beds or garden and plant some flowers. The past five summers have been really busy and I wasn't able to get much of a garden planted. This year I am dreaming of a large garden, rows of vegetables planted in straight lines, no weeds and abundant produce. Knowing me, it will start out as the ideal garden but till the end of the season will look like a healthy weed patch. 
   This morning Kiana and Joseph both 5 years old were planning their future married life. They plan to marry one another and move in with my newly wed sister Shari and her husband Brendon. They chose them because they really like Brendon.


  1. Looking forward to reading your posts. :)

  2. Welcome aboard Sandra! I share your dreams of a garden-every spring- and yeah...about July reality hits. We just don't have enough of sun at our house. Glad to know that Kiana and Joseph have their future planned. One of ours was gonna marry his cousin and move to Arizona...because he liked their state flag.


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