Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring is finally here!

I love spring!

....I am dreaming of planting flowers, lots n lots of flowers. I always feel this way in the spring. I picture the flowers in my mind and write down quantities and what kinds of flowers I want then I go to the greenhouse and totally change my mind. I grab a little of this and a little of that. When I come home I try to remember which flowers  I wanted to put where and till it is all said and done nothing looks like I envisioned it would! These are the flowers we took to BCCYS for their Mothers Day plant sale/fundraiser in 2011. Dean takes one of PaulB's trucks over to Wengers Greenhouse where there are people waiting to help load plants. Then it is off to the courthouse where they unload the flowers and get things set up for the sale the next day. The flowers sell for a ridiculous price. This year the sale is on Ascension Day so I won't bother signing up to help out.

Last night we got to see this little guy again. Granted he looks alot older than this. Jacob is Joseph and Bradens bio brother and I still claim a teeny part of him as mine! Jacob has a special place in my boys' hearts and in ours as well!


MOTHERS DAY 2009 ..... little people grow so quickly!

I am in the mood to redecorate my house. I don't like when I get this way as I tend to be dissatisfied with all my blessings. We need to redo the bathroom as the tub is leaking and the floor gets softer as more water leaks out. I am leaning towards painting it gray and white with red or black accents. I want to really like the finished product because it will be a long time till it gets repainted. Have to see what Dean thinks, he usually doesn't care but sometimes has some good ideas. Also want to do some painting in the hall. The children have this habit of running their hands along the wall as they walk. Thus there are constantly dirty marks on the walls. I always said we should paint it the color of the dirt around here so no one can see how dirty the walls really are but when it comes down to it, I really don't want to do that!

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