Monday, September 30, 2013

My Week

Kiana is the proud owner of a "new" pair of roller blades. They were setting beside the road with a huge free sign. We drove pass them several times yesterday but waited until it was dark to stop and get them. Makes me feel weird stopping and getting things beside the road.

Joseph is having a stormy day. We all had a very good week end so I knew we would be making up for it sooner or later. As soon as he was out of my sight he would get into trouble, so I told him he needs to stay with me. He huffed and grumped about it. He wondered why we let Kiana and Tristan go play and not him. I thought, "Yay he is thinking!" I told him they usually obey me but he since doesn't like to obey I can't trust him. We gave him a bit more freedom than usual yesterday and he obviously couldn't handle it, so we reigned him in again.

Tomorrow I am meeting with a therapist for Joseph. We will go over his history and she will get a feel for what is happening here at home. They do not work with children under the age of six and Joseph won't be 6 until December. Thankfully they agreed to do the intake paperwork and get everything set up awhile. On Wednesday I meet with yet another therapist, this time for myself. I hate learning to know new therapists! I spoke with Miss Sharon and she thought it would be a good idea to get myself straightened out and then get some help for the children. I am always glad for her input as she is the only person I have dealt with who has both the hands on experience and the book knowledge. Thursday Sheryl from COBYS is coming out to update our family profile for Luna's adoption. Prior to Luna's mom's appeal we had begun to work on the family profile. In order not to lose all the info we put together we need to see Sheryl once a month until the adoption. We haven't heard anything from the judge yet. Our 6 months are up here in October which means we are halfway through the prospected waiting period.

Does anyone have any tips on keeping a 2 year old in her bed? We need to sit beside Luna's bed until she is sleeping or she gets out and wakes up the others. It usually takes 45 minutes to and hour for her to fall asleep. Several times we were sure she was sleeping only to hear her banging around a few minutes later. She likes to go into our bedroom and play with Deans flash light, keys and wallet. It has become a battle of wills, I am determined she will go to sleep and she is just as determined she will not sleep! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Enjoyed your post as always! Good luck with the staying in bed...My first 5 were no problem. Then came child #6...I just kept putting him back (bedtime and naps)...for about 6 months. I even managed to develop health issues from sleep deprivation and stress. He now stays in bed (kind of...sometimes he plays quietly on his floor, which I am okay with). I don't know that anything I did made that happen quicker so no words of wisdom here! He is my sneaky child though, so I frequently have my bedroom door locked so he cannot go in there and get into our stuff. We put doors with punch locks (the kind you can put something straight into from the outside and pop them open) on all the bedroom doors so that I can get into them quickly AND to keep little boys out of them. My covering pin works great for popping them open...but everyone else gets annoyed because they can't get in...we lost the official "keys" a long time ago.


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