Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reality of Living with Adrenal FAtigue

You know you have Adrenal Fatigue if:

...You spend the evening before getting groceries resting so you have enough energy to make all your stops the next morning

....  Your child has a meltdown and you know he needs some one on one time but there is absolutely no empathy left to give

... You panic when you realize you won't be able to get that 1 hour nap in the afternoon

.....You go to great lengths to be sure nothing gets scheduled over nap time

....You have a head ache, sore throat and nausea from one evening of visiting with friends

The number one rule when caring for a child with Attachment Disorder is to take care of yourself! You are no good to anyone if you don't. I was told that so many times but I have yet to find someone who will tell me how to do that. Most mom's who have a child with AD are burned out. It shouldn't be that way but what is there to do about it?

On a more cheerful note, Miss Luna no longer has her bottle. On Sunday I decided the thing had to go. She hasn't had it since yesterday. I told her she is a big girl and doesn't need her bottle anymore. Now to teach her to stay in bed and we will once more have relaxed bedtimes.

Tristan got his lip bumper yesterday. It is a wire that fits into brackets on his bottom molars. It goes between the his teeth and bottom lip. He was not impressed to say the least. He came home from school grumping and complaining that his teeth hurt and the brackets make him bite his cheek. He said he wishes he could just take it out and get rid of it. I told he had better not because we are paying a lot of money to have all this wire put in his mouth. Then he started to feel bad and told me he will give me all his money cause we are spending so much on his teeth. I told him my parents paid for me to have braces, we will pay for his and he shall just save his money to pay for his children's braces. He thought I was weird, not the first time nor the last he will think that!

In a little while these three will be home from school. They grew up quite a bit since these pictures were taken. Aren't those chubby baby cheeks just adorable? Excuse the crooked pictures. I tried once more to place the pictures side by side. Needless to say it didn't work and now they aren't even in a straight line. :)



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  1. Josiah had a bumper before he had braces...amazing what it does! Have you checked out diapers.com and their family of companies? It has been lifesaving for me...costs a bit more but it's worth it (to me) to minimize those stressful store trips. I go to the store much less frequently now which is probably good as far as gas for my big van and impulse buys because I'm tired or the kids are asking. :-)


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