Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Green Meadow Farm

Monday evening was Kiana and Joseph's last lesson at Green Meadow Farm. They loved their instructors and will miss spending time with them every week. I will miss those quiet moments in the Pasture Peace, enjoying the scenery and reading while the children had their lessons. 

Joseph and Aspen. 

Joseph and Miss Olivia. Joseph fed Aspen carrots after the lesson.

Kiana and Miss Jennica

Joseph holding his Graduation certificate

I bought Kiana and Joseph shirts with the Green Meadow Farm logo. 

As we were preparing to leave Miss Becky asked if their program had been of any help to our family. I assured her it had. They felt led to share love and care to families who have children who struggle with issues due to situations they dealt with in the past. As far as I know no one in the family has experienced anything of this sort, they are simply doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. That spoke volumes to us as we tend to experience negative comments versus caring. It felt so good! The children felt the love and concern of the staff and soaked it all in.

On Monday a friend messaged me and asked if there is anything she can do for me this week. I mentioned our need for baked things and guess who rang my door bell and handed me plates of cookies later in the day? Yes, Melissa. You can read her blog at farmdayz.blogspot.com. Melissa has been such an encouragement to us this past year. I plan to use her technique of asking what she can do versus telling people to let me know if there is anything I can do to help  them.

Monday morning found us at school scrubbing away in the school kitchen. Two other ladies were also assigned to clean the kitchen. With everyone working together the work was finished quickly. Afterward we went school shopping. The children don't need to bring many school supplies as the school provides the basics like crayons, pencils, paper and glue. However there are always those little extra things they think they have to have!

Yesterday a church friend along with some of her family did corn. I came home with 70 quarts for the freezer. She said we did app. 159 quarts all together! needless to say, we were tired of doing corn. The men took off work and took care of the cookers while we ladies cut the corn off the cobs. Till we were finished cutting the corn they had everything cleaned up from cooking. Many hands make light work!

Joseph is playing with his match box trucks. They are all Fords because Chevy's are to slow. The other day he asked me, "What is the slowest truck in the world?" I of course had no clue and told him to ask his daddy. He settled the question himself by deciding Chevy's were the slowest. All except his friend Ryan's truck that is a fast Chevy. Is it obvious his daddy drives Ford vehicles. :) 

Today I am canning tomato's I juiced Saturday morning. Yes, my days were so full the juice needed to wait to be canned until today. I forgot to mention the tomato peeling tip I used to peel my tomato's when I made salsa, cut the stem from the tomato and cut an X in the bottom of the tomato. Then dip it in boiling water for app 10 seconds (I had several different varieties and some took longer than others) when you see the X beginning to widen remove the tomato and place in cool water. The skins can then be peeled off. That went much faster than trying to peel each one.

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