Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lego Review

Lego's are one of our childrens favorite pass times. They spent hours around our Lego table last winter. Over the summer they are usually outside but come winter the Lego's are back in business. Tristan has requested Lego sets for his birthday and Christmas gifts. He has his finished creations on a high shelf in his bedroom so little hands cannot reach them. I have been in contact with the folks from the Lego company and am doing a post on their products.
Here is the link for the Lego City Surveillance Helicopter: 
Description: Raid the crook hideout with the high-powered police helicopter!
The crooks have arrived at their hideout and are offloading their stash of stolen goods. Help the policeman on a stakeout monitor their every move from the barrel using his camera and special radar. Then use the walkie talkie to call in the police helicopter with its detailed engine, cockpit and rear crew compartment. When it arrives, hover overhead, slide the side door open, attach the policeman to the rope and launch a surprise abseil ambush! And if the crooks try to get away, slap the handcuffs on them, load them into the helicopter and fly them back to prison! Includes 5 minifigures with assorted accessories: 3 policemen and 2 crooks.

I found a huge tote of Lego's at our local re uzit shop. There were several girly sets included and Kiana picks those pieces out and plays house alongside the boys who are building boats, planes and tractors.

Adorable and fun little girl play. This is the link for the Lego Friends Jungle Falls Rescue:

Description: Rescue the tiger cub from the water and explore the beautiful Jungle Falls!
Help the tiger in trouble at the beautiful but powerful Jungle Falls! Rush to the riverside and find the tiger stranded in rough waters. Wade in and help Olivia build a dam to stop the waterfall before pulling the tiger to safety. Then head up to the cliff-top hut to cool down with a drink and some fresh fruit salad in the company of the friendly chameleon. Later you can explore the jungle caves together. Who knows what treasures you will find! 

I like how the small pieces encourage fine motor control. A year ago my 6 year olds had a difficult time taking the bricks apart. With much practice they strengthened their finger muscles and are now able to pry them apart with ease.

We can't forget the Duplo Brick's for little hands!
I personally think these animals are adorable. They would be helpful for learning colors, for memory: which block goes on next and of course, pretend play. I know Lia  would enjoy these. I remember spending hours playing with the Duplo Blocks as a young child. The idea's were limitless!
Here is the link for these cute Lego Duplo Creative Animals:

Description: Let your child enter a creative world of easy-to-build animals!
Introduce your child to a whole animal-themed world of creativity and building fun with this fun Creative Animals set! Use the inspiration cards to help your young creator assemble the easy-to-build giraffe, bunny, dog and worm, each with its own distinctive, bright color theme. Then get ready to embark with them on a world of unending play possibilities.
*all pictures/descriptions/Links are from LEGO

And there you have it... one of my children's most loved toys! Go to the Lego website for idea's for the perfect Christmas and Birthday gifts

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