Monday, September 1, 2014

Somebody Turned 3!

Lia's adoption cake. A friend of mine made cakes for all of our adoptions. She does an awesome job.

                                                     Happy 3rd Birthday! I didn't make Lia a cake because we had just finished her adoption cake. She didn't mind the candles are what counted.

Yet another gift! This little lady has enjoyed her share of gifts lately!

Lia was happy with her kitchen set

This Melissa n Doug sandwich making set is one of her favorite playthings. She spends hours cutting the sandwiches apart.

In other news, Dean finally got this stump removed from the front yard. It is huge!

Trying to build a tent. It didn't work so they dropped everything and ran off to play something else.

Another favorite pass time, listening to songs on Daddy's Ipad.

We are spending the day at home. Dean has off so he is checking some more things off of his to do list. I am doing the same things mothers do the world over, caring for the children and making meals. The children are enjoying an extra long week end as well. 

How do you get your children with neurological difficulties to understand that talking about their fears helps them feel better? We go over and over things with one child and it seems as soon as "the fear" pops up, he defaults to raging. He knows he feels better when he talks things over but he doesn't want to talk. He said he doesn't want us to know what he is thinking and he likes being angry. He is amazed to find that we usually know what is bothering him before he tells us. I told him God helps mom's and dad's know what is bothering their children so they can help them feel better. He doesn't always know what is bothering him but he usually has a pretty good idea. Could this be due to his inability to plan ahead? Or does it have something to do with his bond? 

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