Friday, October 10, 2014


I have a question for mom's who have children from hard places; how do you help your child over come the fear of mom and dad not taking care of them, not having food to eat etc. Joseph has been having a rough time at school, to put it mildly. Extreme behavior problems. Someone mentioned over stimulation and another said perhaps he isn't emotionally "old enough" to go to school. None of those answers seemed right. Last night we figured out he is scared, poor boy. Remember anger trumps all? Well his fear was coming out as defiance, anger and disobedience. Joseph really doesn't trust us to meet his needs. It is heart breaking to know he has such pain inside and we don't know how to help him! I don't think it is so much a bonding issue as a brain template issue. He experienced hunger and lack of safety in his early months and that is how he assumes we will be as well. The 6 years he has lived with us have not been enough to counteract the way his brain views parents. We need advice..... There are other brain issues going on which prevent him from being able to process information accurately, but I just long for him to feel secure enough to be a carefree little boy.

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