Sunday, December 14, 2014

Journey To Bethlehem

Last night we went to Journey To Bethlehem at Woodcrest Retreat. This has become a tradition for us and we look forward to it every year. You have to register and pay your taxes, then a tractor and wagon take you to the start of the Journey. The first scene is of the angel telling Mary she will be the mother of Jesus. We then followed a candle lit path to the town of Bethlehem and watched Joseph knock on the door of the inn, trying to find a room for the night. Then it is on to the market where you can use a coin to buy a small cup of crackers, receive a head dress, and a lantern to carry on the journey. We came to the field where the shepherds were watching their sheep and were served mugs of hot chocolate while the shepherds told us how the prophets fortold that a Saviour was to be born. They were watching and waiting for the day when this would happen. Suddenly the sky lit up with a bright light and an angel proclaimed that Jesus had been born that very day. We followed the shepherds to a small stable and saw the Baby Jesus. The final stop was a short film of Jesus' life and the plan of salvation was explained. A bus took us back to the parking lot.
Lia keeping warm in her blanket

 Kiana and Joseph with their head dresses

 Listening to the angels announce Jesus' birth

Looking at Baby Jesus

We warmed up with hot chocolate and cookies when we got home.

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