Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another FASD Resource

I stumbled upon this FASD link the other day. At first I found it a little boring and was going to skip over it but something prompted me to take the time to watch it. I am so thankful I did! It has incredible insight into FASD. I told Dean we are doing this FASD parenting all wrong. It makes you feel awful when you are trying to help your child only to realize you are going about it in all the wrong ways. There is only one problem, we are going to have to figure out strategies as we go. There is no simple across the board answer for helping children with FASD.
   This seminar was held in Alberta, Canada and I really wish they had clinic's in the USA. Their take on FASD is that it is a whole body disorder, which is 100% correct. They have special clinic's that do full body exam's to rule out over 200 anomalies related to FASD. Some of the anomalies they spoke about, I was familiar with and others I had never heard of. A woman who works at one of these clinic's spoke, as well as a grown man who has FASD. Their experiences shed a great deal of light on why our son does the things he does. For instance Myles, the man who has FASD spoke about "bubble trouble." His body feels like it is full of constantly popping bubbles. His body moves of it's own accord with the popping of those bubbles. Today, the ADD/ADHD diagnosis is handed out right and left and he would fit the ADHD diagnosis. However if he would have been given medication for ADHD, he would have been a dull, flat child, not the joyful enthusiastic little guy he truly was. 
  Joseph was diagnosed with ADD and I have never felt that was the correct diagnosis. We even tried medication, which was a mistake. :) I want to ask Joseph how he feels inside. I will give him the bubble description as well as another one that I have yet to think of and see what he has to say. If I just give the bubble description he is likely to agree with me without giving it any thought as agreeing is easier in this instance than thinking it through.

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