Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Belated Valentine's Supper and Walmart Dad's

Another cold blustery day. When it is below zero what better way to warm the kitchen than to bake sticky buns? The rolls rise beautifully when I set them on top of the wood stove.

I have been battling Joseph's eczema all winter.  Many kinds of lotion made specifically for eczema make him break out even worse so I stick with vaseline and cortisone creams. It was all cleared up when he went to school on Friday but when he came home he looked awful. I gave him allergy medication and smeared lotion on him. Till bedtime he was breaking out in hives and continued to break out over the weekend in spite of all the benedryl I was pouring into him. Yesterday I made a doctor appointment for 3:00. It was 4:15 till they called us back to the exam room. Thankfully I had left Lia and Tristan with a babysitter or the wait would have seemed much longer. The doctor ordered a bunch of lab work, he said the hives could have something to do with the Lyme Disease Joseph had a couple years ago. He prescribed Prednisone..... Joseph on Prednisone isn't exactly a picnic. :)

We had a very belated Valentine's supper last night. I had great plans but those plans did not include spending 2.5 hours at the doctors office and the Lab, so our meal didn't include many of the special touches I wanted to include. Our menu included spaghetti, salad, sticky buns and cinnamon applesauce jello.

My men need haircuts, badly. Dean was fluffing up his hair and Lia told him he looks like a Walmart Daddy!?! 

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