Saturday, February 28, 2015

FASD Hives and Eczema

In the not so distant past I opened my mouth and said something I shouldn't have. Even as the words were leaving my mouth, a little voice was yelling at me to stop, don't finish what you are about to say! Did I listen? No! You are probably wondering just what dreadful thing I said. These are the words, "We haven't had many tantrums recently, maybe we have moved onto a new stage." Guess what we have had this week? Yup, yelling, kicking and all out "I am in another world" raging.
   Joseph's eczema/hives/rash problem is back again and he is terrified the cream I put on him, will hurt. If I even mention anything about putting the cream on him, he goes ballistic. Yes, I know children hate having cream put on and cry about it but this is much different than that. This requires two people, four hands and all our strength, just to get a bit of cream on him. Dean said he wonders if Joseph is stuck in the "it is going to hurt mindset" and cannot get out of it. I sent Miss Sharon a text and she said that is quite possibly what is going on. When Joseph "gets stuck" nothing will draw him out of it. I even tried blowing in his face like we used to when he held his breath as a baby. He didn't even notice me. We have an appointment with an allergist next week and I am hoping and praying that he has some answers for us. 
  I am certain the FASD/high cortisol levels play a part in his eczema/hives. As common as FASD is however, many doctors don't have much experience treating the secondary illness's that are a result of FASD. I was encouraged when the forms I received in the mail had a section asking about psychological problems. Perhaps this doctor will be able to understand that FASD plays a part in Joseph's misery.
Dean trimmed the top and left the sides long....and no, he didn't leave it that way.

The boys finally got hair cut's the other day. We tried something new. Dean wrapped a bag around Joseph's shoulders and had him stand in the bathtub. All the hair stayed at one spot and none went down his neck.

Lia was quite impressed

I went to school 3 times this week. Once Kiana forgot her medication, one morning I took Joseph in late and another day Tristan had an orthodontist appointment. Mr. Weaver asked me if I would like to be put on payroll. :) I thought that would be just pretty nice.


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