Friday, February 6, 2015

Lia's Day

Lia and I met Dean for lunch yesterday. We went to Two Cousins where Lia enjoyed her two favorite foods: french fries and pizza.

She ate almost 2 slices of pizza and a pile of fries.

Lia's day ended on a not so happy note. I took her to Quick Care because she had an ear infection. The Dr. gave Lia ear numbing drops as well as antibiotics. Are numbing drops something new? None of my other children ever had them. They must have helped because she was able to sleep for several hours before waking up and yelling for mom.
She kept begging me to take her home. She was one unhappy little girl
Lia fast asleep and mom wishing she could join her

I was researching sensory play and found a hammock/swing that came highly recommended. Rather than buy the expensive one from the website Dean found a cheaper version on Amazon. For those of you who have children with FASD and are looking for sensory items, check out autism stores. The swing is a favorite of all the children, they twist the swing and then give it a shove so it unwinds. I told them I don't mind if they do circles but if anyone pukes they are responsible to clean it up. 

Someone is supposed to be in bed, not hunting.

A blurry picture of Joseph, fast asleep. He loves this thick blanket, even uses it in the summer time. Sometimes he wraps up in his weighted blanket but this one is his first pick. 

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