Friday, April 3, 2015

A Frustrating Day

Joseph and I had a disappointing day yesterday. We went to CHOP for his appointment with the FASD doctor. After misreading a sign on our way to the hospital, we got to take a little tour of the back side of Philadelphia. While my GPS rerouted me through backstreets and before eventually getting me back to point A.
 Anyway, we made it to the  6th floor with time to spare, checked in and waited for quite some time before Joseph's name was called, only to find out we weren't on the schedule! The secretary told us she will speak with someone from scheduling and get back with me. 40 minutes later she said she doesn't know what happened but we are on the schedule for May 7 at the King Of Prussia Office.
  When I scheduled this appointment several weeks ago, the secretary gave me yesterdays date because she said she is certain the patient they have scheduled for this time slot won't make it to the states in time. Obviously the appointment was for a child who was being adopted internationally. She also scheduled the May 7 appointment in case the child would be here in time, so we would have a back up appointment already scheduled. I didn't hear anything from CHOP so I assumed the appointment was still on. Note to self: call and check the appointment date and time for future appointments.
   Oh well, it was a beautiful day for a drive,the traffic jams we sat in didn't last to long and Joseph got to eat at BK. You can always find something to be happy about if you look hard enough.
   I was texting with a friend while I waited at CHOP and later in the day I received an edible fruit and chocolate arrangement from her, how kind and thoughtful. I took a picture of the arrangement but the picture program on my computer won't allow me to upload it. 

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