Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Summary Of The Past Week

Beautiful flowers from my sister in law.

I haven't been blogging much about what has been happening at our house. Why? Because it is pretty calm and stable right now. I know, I shouldn't say that but for once I can, so I am going to let every one know!

We spent the past week end at a cabin with other families who have adopted. We had quite the bunch of energetic youngsters running around but no one got hurt, for which we were thankful. Anyway, Monday was kind of rough around here but it would have been rough even without trauma figured in. For some reason we all find it hard to readjust after a vacation, no matter how short it is.
  Joseph didn't have a single meltdown all weekend! He started to a few times but we were always able to divert his attention and get him interested in something else. He is extra spacey these past few days but I think he has a perfect right to be, after keeping it together all week end. Last night, while reading a book he looked up and said, "I like to check where I am." I gave him a puzzled look and he explained,"I wake up at night to see where I am." That is the kind of comments he makes when his brain and his mouth aren't in sync. 

This is something they learned at the cabin: If you put a smashed water bottle between your fender and back tire it makes a lovely noise. They think it is lovely anyway. Joseph's bike was making a dreadful racket and he said, "Mom I wonder when my engine is going to blow up!" The joys of homemade toys combined with a child's imagination!

Can dogs be passive aggressive? When we came home from the cabin Kobi had one of my flowers pulled out. Till Monday evening two more were in shreds. He seldom bothers them which makes me think he was making us pay for going away.

Enjoying hot dogs for a snack after swimming in You can't see the two plastic eggs Lia is sitting on. She told me she is going to sit on them to eat her hot dogs, then they will hatch.

Tristan no longer comes running for a band aide when he cuts his finger, he makes his own out of a paper towel and electrical tape.

My sister gave me some iced coffee mix. All I had to do was add milk and ice cubes. Lia loves the stuff but she isn't able to have much because she cannot handle the caffeine. She has enough energy as it is.

We are enjoying fresh blueberries in shakes, smoothies and parfaits. 

My children are all book worms. Kiana and Joseph have recently graduated to reading while they walk. When I call them they come slowly, stumbling over the edge of the carpet and bumping into things....all the while their noses are buried deep in a book. We were at the library this morning and stocked up again, it is amazing how quickly they can read through a book. 

We have also been swimming whenever it is warm enough and sometimes when it isn't. Our pool isn't very deep but I don't trust leaving the children by themselves so I usually join them. Dean built a deck along the one side of the pool now I can sit on my lawn chair while they swim. This week I started packing a lunch for them to eat outside. One less mess to clean up and they love it! Kobi is only to glad to clean up any scraps, including soggy sandwiches that accidentally fall into the water. Our pool has been a great investment. Swimming in excellent therapy and meets some of Joseph's sensory needs at the same time. It also tires out little people and then they nap more often, which is another good thing. 

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