Friday, July 24, 2015

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Yesterday I took the children to Cherry Crest Farm. Our original plan was to go to the Barnyard Kingdom, using tickets they received for participating in the Summer Reading Program at our local library. When we arrived at the Barn Yard Kingdom we were welcomed by a large sign that said: Grand Opening July 25. We were two days to early! So we went to Cherry Crest Farm instead. 
Meet two of the local farmers, Tristan and Kiana

The water table was a highlight

As was playing in the "Corn Shed."

Water Art consisted of water, blackboard and a paint brush

Ride 'em cowboys!

Joseph loved standing in front of the large mister fans. They sprayed a fine mist over everything

Riding the pedal tractors

Holding day old peeps

I allowed the children to choose something from the Sweet Shop. Tristan chose flavored sugar. He filled a tube with different favors of powdered sugar. He thought it was great.

Trying to decide what she wants. This young lady always wants the best, which makes choosing something difficult. She finally chose a laser light so she would have the same thing as Joseph.

We also enjoyed the hay ride, small red wagon rides through the corn maze, ice cream, pillow bounce, sling shots and the long slides. Tristan was almost to old to enjoy most of the fun but the younger three had a good time. We came home tired and sunburned.

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