Monday, July 20, 2015

Summertime - Swimming & Picnic's

School starts in 5 weeks!!! Now I am in a panicked rush, trying to get all the remaining summer activities crammed into a few weeks. 


       This is where we spend at least an hour every afternoon. Lia was finally brave enough to walk across the pool with her life jacket on today. She was so proud of herself! 
               Dean is enlarging our outdoor picnic area. 

      Kiana and Joseph were delighted with all the dirt. Never mind the fact that they have a 10' round sandbox full of sand to play in, dirt is so much more fun. Joseph gets so dirty he is impossible to get clean. The dirt is ground into his skin. 
   Tristan wasn't quite as enthused by all the dirt because he had the job of removing all the roots so we could mulch. He tried to recruit his siblings help but declared they are slower than turtles!


A large package came in the mail....addressed to gift was from friends of ours who have a daughter with Reactive Attachment Disorder, the same diagnosis our son Braden has.

Picnic time! Pulled pork, sweet corn, watermelon and blueberry milk shakes....it must be summer time! I like to eat out side, especially when we have corn on the cob. I don't enjoy trying to sweep corn kernels off my kitchen floor.

This is Lia's latest outfit...a beanie and glasses. 

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