Friday, August 28, 2015

What Is The Christian's Responsibility?

    My most recent pondering's were spurred by a variety of things, including the book, "There Has Got To Be More. By Melissa Eby.

 I have been pondering earthly wealth versus heavenly wealth and wondering how God views me. Am I a materialistic person? I would like to think I am not but I struggle with covetousness and as much as I dislike that battle, Satan knows it is one of my weak points and is constantly reminding me of the things I wish for. Sometimes the battle rages for weeks, sometimes day and other times only a few hours before I get a grip on my thoughts and bring my sin before God.
But anyway, enough of that. My question is: Is it our  right to lead a comfortable life? I don't think we deserve it, we may have been blessed with it but we haven't earned it and if that is the case, where does our responsibility to our fellow man lie? Is tithing 10% enough, is sponsoring an orphan or giving a monthly payment to missions all that is required of us?

Or is God calling us to leave behind our comfortable lives, our good paying jobs, nice houses and our hobbies. Are the fields white for harvest while we sit and lead comfortable lives. Oh sure we support missionaries because we know they are doing a good thing but deep down are we glad God called them and not us. 

Have we fallen down to the level of the Rich Man in the Bible? Is Lazarus lying on our door step while inside, we are living a life of ease? There is so much pain and tragedy in this world. So many people who need a mentor, someone to come alongside them, to believe in them. Someone who will lead them in the path's of Truth, if we as Christians don't come forward, who will? It is so much easier to just avoid the messiness of sin, broken lives require so much time, time we don't have, or aren't we using the time we have correctly?

I am not pointing fingers, simply sharing what has been weighing on my heart. I recently had the opportunity to spend time with some of these needy, broken people and I will admit, I cringed at the thought of making myself available, they would be sure to take so much time and energy, but what better way to use my time and energy than to share the Gospel and help the hurting find healing through Jesus Christ?

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