Friday, November 6, 2015

Picture's and Daily Life

Here is what have we been doing besides the daily  "trauma work." 
Guess what is in the backpack? Eggs!

Enjoying french fries after Tristan's dentist appointment. 

Joseph reading to Lia before his therapy appointment

3 kinds of popcorn and books make for two happy girls

45 minutes into our 1 hour wait for a 10 minute appointment.

Finished sensory beads for an order. Christmas is coming, order one for your baby/child in his or her favorite color. Send an email to sensorybeads@gmail.com to place an order. I can send you a picture of the colors I can order and you can choose between a large (necklace size) or  small which is app. 2/3 the size of the large ones.

Our building project is moving along nicely, Dean and I are getting tired of sleeping in the family room and I am ready to have everything in it's place instead of scattered throughout the house. 
The children are still battling the fear that comes from having their home change. Their bedrooms are part of their security and they haven't taken to kindly to the changes we are making. We painted one wall in the girls room purple. Think bright, splashy purple. Wasn't my choice of colors but they were thrilled with it and that is what matters. After one particular teary episode Dean left Lia help paint the one corner of her bedroom. That made her smile but the next day we were back at first base.

Thanks for the prayers, gifts and meals that have come our way during the past two weeks. We feel blessed to know you care.

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