Saturday, December 19, 2015

Holiday Drama

The Christmas Drama has begun, la la la la! The tears are bigger, the wails louder, the shrieks reach a higher pitch and anything, nothing and everything will trigger them.

Sometimes Dean and I smile, shake our heads and plow head first into the next drama, other times we tag team. He takes one, I take the next one and so on.

I know trauma is the root of the drama but I just get tired of it, you know? I wish for their sake as well as for ours that they could bury the pain and loss for once and for all. 

    This is a glimpse into what we have been doing the past week or two. God has blessed me with some good days this week, what a blessing.
Lia made me a necklace

Blurry Picture of the cowgirl that came to visit

Joseph the shepherd boy

We went to Journey To Bethlehem with friends

Making White Chocolate Chex Mix for the neighbors

Tristan and Lia

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