Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer At Our House

      Last night marked the final evening of Summer Bible School at church. We were blessed to be able to attend every evening, except Monday evening. The children enjoyed their classes, and Dean and I had the pleasure of listening to some excellent teaching on, Christian Homes and Families. I fully intended to take pictures to share here, but somehow in all the activity I forgot.

   We spend most afternoons swimming, regardless of the weather. The first day they went swimming, the water was a chilly 60 degrees and the temperature was barely over 70. They jumped in the water and came up gasping for air. Joseph loves the water, which played a part in our decision to get a bigger pool.

   Tristan has been helping his uncle pick strawberries this week. He enjoys it and it is good for him to work hard. He comes home tired and dirty!

    Last weekend Dean smoked two chickens. We used a chipotle rub. They were delicious. I used the last of it to make chicken salad, much to my daughters dismay.

Tristan and Kobi  -A dog is a boy's best friend-

The other week a friend gave me this gift. The children were thrilled to see the candy. Dean reminded them it was for mom...I did share though.

I tried a new recipe for Cinnamon Strudel Coffee Cake. It was delicious, but when I tried to make it again it flopped. (twice)

Blurry cell phone pic of my two girls. Dean went to wake them one morning and this is how they were sleeping.

One sleepy girl who was not about to admit she was tired.

Tristan's long awaited crossbow finally arrived! He bought it himself using money he earned picking produce and selling eggs. We have found that our children take better care of their things if they have to spend their own money.

Joseph drew this picture for me yesterday. He gave it as a gift but he has no idea how much of a, "Punch in the gut," he delivered. A child will draw their family as they perceive them and having mom at the bottom of the list says alot about the child's view of his mom. I texted the picture to Dean and said, "Sometimes I feel so appreciated, NOT!" He replied, "At least you are smiling, I don't even have a face!" I had to laugh but it was still depressing. You can read more about, "family drawing," here

Dean grilling some awesome burgers as well as a few hot dogs for the hot dog lovers. We use Old Bay seasoning on our burgers, what do you use?

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