Monday, August 29, 2016

Our Final Weeks Of Summer Vacation

The last two weeks of summer vacation have flown by. We kept busy with med checks, pre K doctor appointments, therapy, swimming and all the other things I wanted to accomplish this summer.

Lia enjoying her promised treat at McDonalds after her pre K immunizations.

I took the children to the Barnyard Kingdom the other week. They received free ticket for completing the summer reading program at our local library. Joseph and Lia liked it but the other two were bored as it was a bit below their age level. 

Last night I made soft pretzels, a family favorite.

On Saturday Lia was program attendant in a friends wedding. She did great until the reception at 4:00. It was partly my fault though as I neglected to be sure she ate enough protein, which is a must!

Sunday morning found Lia fast asleep beside our bed. She came over during the night because she had a bad dream. She didn't even stir when the errant smoke alarms began blaring at 6:45. Joseph was another story, he made a wild dash from his room and crashed face first into Dean who was checking the alarms. Because of his fear of alarms, sirens and such, Joseph was nearly out of his mind with fear.

Wednesday is the children's first day of school and the twin emotions, excitement and anxiety are running high. 

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