Saturday, September 3, 2016

Moment To Moment, A DVD Review On Teens Growing Up With FASDs

  I just finished watching the DVD, Moment To Moment from NTI Upstream and I give it a thumbs up! The DVD follows the challenges and difficulties parents and their prenatally affected teens face as well as giving an over view of how alcohol affects the unborn child.


   While we don't have a teen with FASD in our home but I can readily relate to the things mentioned, such as when one teen said, "I have to get up at the same time every day or I have a hard time staying on task for the remainder of the day." Or the youth who's hours at work got changed because her manager thought she was being irresponsible when she failed to change the soiled tablecloths in the assisted living dining hall where she worked. The teens mother said her daughter was not being irresponsible, "She wasn't told to change every table cloth, just the soiled ones. She does an excellent job if she knows exactly what to do and doesn't have to decide how and when to perform a task."

  Doctors and those involved in the legal system shared stories and information from their experiences of working with affected teens, adults and their family's. Some of the stories they shared were heart breaking but I am so thankful someone is speaking out and is willing to teach and train those who help make decisions for the safety and well being of those with an FASD.

If you are looking for a easy to understand, yet thorough and informative way to raise awareness for FASD, this DVD might be just what you are looking for. 

*some conversations were paraphrased.

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