Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Our Weekend

Yesterday was a cookies and candle kind of day. I felt chilly and when I checked the thermostat I understood why, it was 64 degrees in the house.

Lia gets dreadfully bored at home when the others are in school. I dug out this paint set she received for a gift awhile ago. 

Some delicious burgers Dean grilled on Sunday.

On Saturday we went to the Fire Safety Event at PaulB. The children received plastic fire hats. Joseph loves his but he has a hard time reading with it on because he needs to hold his head still so the hat doesn't fall off. He would love to wear it when he is doing his chores but keeping the hat on his head and working doesn't go so well.

Dean made snack sticks with some of the meat from the deer Tristan shot the other week.

Picking up pumpkins to feed the pigs

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