Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Glimpse Into Our Life

On Monday Kiana had an appointment with a Lyme specialist. Her PANS doctor was willing to treat her but we came to the conclusion that she needs more help than he could provide so I began calling doctors trying to find help. I heard, "She is too young," and "We are not accepting new patients," time and time again. Thankfully I found a doctor and he only had a two week waiting list! 

Enjoying one of the few smiles we get from this girl these days. We mostly see black, clouded eyes filled with tears of frustration and rage.

Daddy patiently trying to help Kiana work through an issue...can't even remember what it was. She finds life very hard right now.

My method of coping with things that are beyond my control and comprehension is to read up on it and inform myself. These two books came in the mail today. The first one is a personal Lyme story and the second is what Dean refers to as a "textbook." It has a wealth of information that I am trying to force feed into my brain.

Dean smoked some delicious ribs the other weekend. We all enjoyed them even Lia who doesn't like spicy food. Joseph wasn't impressed with the idea of having to work so hard to get such small pieces of meat off the bones.

Dean smoked pork several times over the past few weeks. I have quite a stockpile in my freezer. We enjoy it on sandwiches or over fries and topped with cheese sauce, onions and bbq sauce.

I am the class mom for Kindergarten so I had the privilege of driving a van load of 5&6 year olds to Hands On House the other week. They were quite the lively bunch and oh, the discussions they had! I am still laughing.

We carpool with two other families so when I took I the school van to the next family, Kobi went along because my plan was to walk home. I often take him on walks but never along a busy road. He firmly planted himself on the road and refused to budge. Thankfully I had my phone along so I called Dean and he came and picked us up. Kiana and Lia thought it was hilarious, it took me a bit longer to see the humor in the situation.

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