Monday, June 19, 2017

Our Weekend Away

We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend at "Uncle Marks Cabin," as the children call it. With everything the children are working through, it doesn't work to spend time with large groups of people. Since we kept everything very low key, they were able to leave most of their "baggage" behind and enjoy a weekend away from home. 

One of the many trails through the woods

The Mountain Laurel was beautiful!

Feeding the fish some of the rolls that got squashed on the ride to the cabin.

A little Indian that came through our "camp."

Reading bedtime stories to the girls

Playing "No More Monekys Jumping On The Bed," with dad. Lia wanted me to play with her the next morning. She told me I don't need to read the directions because dad read them last night and he did a good job!

Lia is missing her two bottom teeth!

Waiting for supper...they aren't as grumpy as they look!

Sausages taste extra delicious when they are made over a wood fire

We spent the weekend driving the many trails through the woods


Joseph picked lot's of  flowers for me throughout the weekend

Powerful woodsplitter

THIS is the main reason our children like going to this cabin

Beautiful woods

Pure laziness! I went to the library and checked out a stack of books so I had plenty of new reading material.

Our cabin trip felt somewhat like the calm before the storm. On Thursday Kiana goes for her PICC line and the first of 6 weeks of IV treatment for her Lyme. Please pray for her, the Lyme has affected her reasoning and she is unable to process information very well which makes this whole process much more difficult. Lia and Joseph are going to struggle as well since they rely on stability and plenty of mom time. I wish I could clone myself for the next months. The treatment looks daunting, but we cling to the promise, "With God all things are possible!"
Matthew 19:26


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