Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sibling Wars, Swimming & Sewing

Kiana and Joseph have an interesting relationship. They can't stand each other but let someone else be unkind to one of them and they are right there to defend their sibling. We still laugh about the time when they were toddlers and we had company. A child was harassing Joseph so Kiana came up behind the child and bopped him on the head with her toy. No one will fight her Joseph!

With summer vacation now it full swing, Kiana and Joseph have upped the ante. They are constantly hollering, "MOM, he made a face at me!"  The offended party retaliates with, "I just made that face because she hit me!!!"

I tried all the usual tactics, but nothing worked, so Dean got one of his shirts and told them they shall wear it while doing a simple chore together. This required them to work together and put aside their differences. One time when they were especially disregulated I gave them each a small candy bar to unwrap and then they fed it to their sibling. Usually they end up laughing but one time Joseph said, "I feel like saying a word in Dutch!" 

This morning we took the "friendship shirt" to a new level. Kiana has been having a teary morning. She was triggered yesterday and this morning I have been unable to get her unstuck from her bad mood. She cried over everything, leaving me in despair. Suddenly I remembered the shirt! She and I barely fit inside the shirt. Initially she was furious at having to be so close to mom but eventually she quite fighting and allowed me to hold her. I told her we can take the shirt off whenever she is ready and you know what she said? "I am not ready yet!" I told her I feel like a kangaroo and you can be my little joey. As soon as the words were out of my mouth I knew I had said the wrong thing. She was not about to be called Joey - that is too close to Joseph!

The children have been swimming for nearly a week already. Joseph thinks I just have to join them. I told him thanks but no thanks, I am not that hard up to freeze!

Kobi can hardly have it that he cannot join in the fun!

Somebody lost another tooth. Her bottom tooth was nearly falling out for a week or more. She was eating strawberries and "Mom, it just fell out, it feels like a dream!!!"

I pieced scraps of fabric together and made a skirt which I sewed onto a T shirt, an instant dress.

Sorry for the blurry picture I wanted to capture his proud grin and didn't let the camera focus. Joseph figured out how to squeeze out of his door without setting his alarm off. He was incredibly proud of himself, but since that alarm is there for a reason, dad remedied the problem.

Dean picked these roses for me.

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