Monday, July 10, 2017

Positive's Of FASD - Living With FASD

When I write about Joseph, and how FASD affects him, I tend to share tips we have learned to help him and us cope. Today I want to share some of the positive's of  FASD.

A desire for affirmation. This may, sadly, be an attribute only because those with FASD are often on the receiving end of their parents, or caregivers frustration. 

A loving heart. Joseph loves people genuinely. He loves people for who they are, and doesn't expect them to perform at a certain level.

A love for animals. Joseph loves animals. He can be rough with them, but we have discovered this is sensory related. He doesn't realize that he is squeezing an animal to tightly, or that bunnies don't like swing rides.

A desire to obey. Joseph wants to obey, but the world is often a complex place for him. He has difficulties with social cues and zero impulse control, two things that often land him in trouble.

Empathy for anything and anyone who is hurting. If one of his siblings has a head ache, Joseph often ends up in tears because he feels so sorry for them.

He is good at entertaining those younger and smaller than himself. Again, he tends to be a bit rough but this is once more due to his sensory perception.

If you have a friend with FASD, you can guarantee he will be your friend for life. He will love you despite your shortcomings, and give you plenty of opportunities to love him in return.

People with FASD have a lovable quality about them. Even though you may be utterly frustrated, when your child gives you and hug n kiss before he crawls into bed, your heart will melt.

People with FASD are generally kind and empathetic, but their disabilities can obscure their good points. Dig around a bit and some of the things that look like misbehavior may be misunderstanding instead. An inability to perform a certain task is often misunderstood as defiance, while roughness can be sensory related.

If you have someone with FASD in your life, give them an extra hug today. Some children have difficulties with attachment, so if this person is a child, hug his parents and compliment the child. 

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