Tuesday, July 18, 2017

When Circumstances Are Beyond Our Control

I like when my life makes sense. I like to know I am doing the right thing in any given circumstance. Unfortunately, it seems Dean and I are constantly being dumped into situations where we either have to swim for our lives, or risk sinking. Humanly speaking, the scariest part about it all is, that we often have several things going on at once so we can't give any one scenario our full attention. Spiritually speaking, this is an excellent way to learn to trust.

Kiana has an appointment with the hematologist tomorrow. This appointment is a follow up for the blood clot she developed from her PICC line. At the hospital they did a test to see if she has a genetic clotting disorder. If this is the case, she may not be eligible for another PICC line, which she needs to fight her Lyme since many antibiotics do not cross the blood brain barrier and due to her age she is not able to take many that do.

On Thursday, she see's her Lyme doctor and we will deciding on a course of treatment based on what the hematologist says. She has been on an oral antibiotic since they pulled her line but it isn't helping much. Her past few days have been full of rages and brain fog. 

Joseph has changed again, something that happens periodically. We learn how to manage a particular FASD quirk only to have that vanish and something else take it's place. The latest thing is a big mouth without a filter. People with FASD find it difficult to see their own negative actions, but can easily see the faults of others. This trait is not endearing Joseph to his siblings in the least! He is constantly monitoring them, all the while doing things to irritate and annoy them. He likes to use big words, and his immature actions coupled with his large, expressive language can be a bit hard to swallow!

Yesterday I spoke with the lady who is over our, "Home school to be." We finished the testing and she called to tell me which levels each child will be on in the various subjects. She emailed me a massive packing order and I will admit that PO made it all look frighteningly real! Can I do this?! Although the thought of another year like last year, convinces me I have to try! 

SWAN is an organization that provides post adoption services. We are in the process of acquiring some of said services which means we have to have several home visits from COBYS, one of  the agencies through which SWAN provides services. Having strangers come into our home to do a home safety check thoroughly traumatized the three youngest. This man brought to mind a certain caseworker who came and was responsible for so much of the trauma our family experienced prior to Lia's adoption. It didn't help that as part of the home safety check, they had to make sure our smoke detectors work. Even though they saw Mr. D press the alarm, they still panicked.

All of these situations plus a few others, make me tremble in my shoes, until I am reminded that with God all things are possible!

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