Saturday, August 5, 2017

Summers Gone And School Is Calling

It was hard for me to see the month of August arrive because I knew what the month would bring...the beginning of a new venture for us, homeschool. My plan is to start school on Monday which will give us plenty of time to take days off during the school year if need be. Two large boxes of books, along with several smaller packages of school items arrived last week. Seeing those boxes made it all the more real, but I am getting excited. 

Here are some pictures of what we have been doing this summer. It is good I have them because I find it hard to remember what we really did.

I sewed a few dresses for Lia using leftover fabric scraps and a T shirt, fast n easy.  

We enjoyed lots of delicious food made on the smoker. These burgers stuffed with onions, peppers, mushrooms, bacon, ham and cheese were among our favorites.

We did an incredible amount of talking a certain young lady down from Lyme induced meltdowns.

One of the many mishaps poor Joseph has in a days time, He squeezed his gogurt and got it on his shirt.

Joseph enjoys making things. He took the coil from his tablet, attached one end to the battery in his tractor and the other end to his calculator. He was hoping to be able to charge the battery.

Ice cream at Dean's brothers ice cream shop, a reward for finishing school testing. Check out their ice cream shop/produce market @ Plum Creek Farm. They have delicious food and are continually adding new items.

Lia taking pictures with my phone at one of the many doctor appointments we had this summer.

We bought Tristan a mattress topper. He was thrilled!

Dean built a deck for the pool, making a lovely place to spend hot summer afternoons.

Tristan and his friend enjoying the helicopter that landed at the work picnic.

Dean smoked several chickens in the smoker. We pulled the meat off the bones and froze it, now I can pull it from the freezer for a quick meal.

Dean bought this little four wheeler, much to Lia's delight. (They have to wear helmets when they drive)

We spent a few days at the cabin this week.

Lia recently learned to ride bike without training wheels. Her little legs got tired so Dean strapped her bike to the bike cart and I hauled both Lia and her bike.

Mr Bear came to see us

Dean and Joseph went to fill the truck with gas and saw another bear, much to Joseph's delight.

They also saw a porcupine

The girls each have a rabbit and they were thrilled when they had babies. I must admit, they are cute!

And that concludes our summer.

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