Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Can I Trust You With My Heart?

A brave young lady, Isabel Yates, wrote the following poem. The poem is a description of a hurting child but I feel it can be used to describe many hurting people in this world.

Children and adults who have suffered abuse and trauma will unconsciously ask, "Can I trust you with my heart?" Sadly, many times the person on the receiving end, fails to realize the significance of the question. When someone who has been neglected/abused asks for a few moments of your time and in your busyness you turn them down, they may feel they cannot trust you with their heart.

We need to be kind and respectful when people share their heart. You are the recipient of an incredible gift. When your heart has been broken and trampled, you do all you can to protect it from further pain.

Sometimes people will share unspeakable horrors, it will make your stomach clench and bile rise in your throat but be careful that only empathy shows on your face. If someone feels their pain is too intense for others to hear they won't share and they need to be able to talk freely in order to heal.

Cry with the hurting ones. Tears are a universal language.

People need someone to walk beside them as they explore the unknown. Go with them, hold their hand, check in with them and above all assure them that you are there. Then be there!

Sometimes the pain is more than someone can bear. They need you to hold their head above water, lest they sink. Sometimes this means physically standing by them until the crisis has passed, sometimes it means making decisions for them, other times it means being strong and holding them accountable despite the pain.

If someone shares their grief, handle it as the precious gift that it is. When someone confides in you, they are trusting that you will be respectful, careful and loving as you help carry their pain.

Sometimes a person will not know why or exactly what they are grieving. They may throw out vague hints, or they may be visibly sinking, it is our responsibility to reach out in love and walk beside them. You never know how many lives you may save, how many hearts you may aid in healing nor how many hearts your compassion may touch.

Walking alongside the hurting is not easy but the blessings are immeasurable!

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