Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Jar Of Peanut Butter - Living With FASD

Joseph ate a jar of peanut butter on Sunday. Yes you read right, a whole jar! 

Lia had her first OT appointment this morning and when I came home Tristan said, "Mom, I need to talk to you." I instantly knew that something had happened while I was gone.

"I went into Joseph's room to see what he was doing and he was acting funny (he has certain mannerism's that come into play when he is guilty) so I walked around his bed to see what he was doing and he had a jar of peanut butter. He was cleaning the last of it from the jar!"

My first reaction was to wonder, "How/when did he get a jar of peanut butter without my knowing?" The second reaction was to laugh. A WHOLE JAR OF PEANUT BUTTER?!?! 

There were various other food wrappers hidden in crevices in his bedroom which explains the excema that I haven't been able to heal despite faithfully applying cream.

I asked him about it and had him confirm the story he had told Tristan just to be sure there wasn't more going on that I should know about. His explanation was simple, "I took it Sunday morning and then I ate it at nap time." He didn't know why which didn't surprise me as he seldom knows why he does things. Impulsiveness  at it's finest!

The bright side is I can now lay my worries that the stomach bug is making it's rounds. On Sunday evening he couldn't finish his hamburger and was running to the bathroom frequently making me fear he had a stomach virus. He was also incredibly thirsty but no wonder...after eating a jar of peanut butter I would have been more than just thirsty!

This incident served to remind me why I keep him in line of vision and have so many safe guards in place. I am the one to blame because I got sloppy. He was doing well and I was letting him go from room to room without keeping an eye on what he was taking with him. Thankfully he seem's to be none the worse for wear!

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