Thursday, June 7, 2018

Incessant Talking-Yammering-Excessive Verbiage - Living With FASD

 Incessant talking - yammering - excessive verbiage

If you have a child with FASD, chances are you are very familiar with these terms. Many individuals with FASD process information at a slower pace, some like Joseph, can process things better if they speak the words aloud. On Joseph's "limited cognition days" he tends to voice every thought and opinion that goes through his mind.

For instance, here is a conversation:
"Mom did you know it goes fast?
I do a quick brain search of my own trying to figure out what he could be talking about.

"The one that, umm, it went past the place where we live."
"I don't know what you are talking about Joseph."
"You know, when we were out on the grass it flew over top."
I ask questions, until I can figure out what he is trying to tell me. Sometimes I can get away with a nod of the head and an agreement, but other times he figures out that I am not following and tries to make me understand.

On days when his brain is working at maximum capacity, we have very few of these discussion's, when we over draw on his window of tolerance, they are nonstop. Usually after multiple conversation's I say, "Joseph, my ears are tired, no more talking." Thankfully he isn't offended, but typically within moments he will start, "Mom, did you..oh that's right I am supposed to be quiet." Not a minute later he will pipe up with another comment. I have found when this happens having him do about 20 jumping jacks every time he forgets, helps him remember. 

Today is one of those excessive talking days. To compound the problem, he reads/hears/see's things and interprets them incorrectly. He was looking at a Uline catalog, one of his favorite pass times and said, "Mom, did you know W@lmart and Uline are are trying to get the whole Amazon thing going again because the Amazon thing wasn't very good."  He showed me where he read this choice bit of information and that is not at all what the article said, but that was his take away, he won't forget it either. I just nodded my head and agreed rather than try to explain what the article really said because that would only lead to more question's, more words and more misunderstandings. And I wonder why my brain gets tired!

If anyone has tips to limit the over production of words on days when the brain has limited functioning, I would love to hear from you! Also appreciated would be tips to help siblings understand and thus be a bit more gracious. I often hear a sibling say in a desperate tone of voice , "Joseph, please stop talking!" 

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