Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Gotcha Day, Kiana!

Yesterday it was exactly 5 years ago that Miss Kiana came into our home. The week before we had gotten a call asking us to take a new born baby boy. We were all excited and getting things ready when the CW called and said the baby would be going to his grandparents. What a disappointment! This particular Friday morning I was busy cleaning when I got another call from CYS. This time it was about Miss Kiana. She was in another foster home and needed to be moved, were we interested? Of course we were! Her foster mom dropped her off around lunch time. She was so sweet and cuddly in her yellow pj's. Tristan was thrilled to have a chocolate baby!
                                                  Kiana, fast asleep in her infant seat

Just look at those chubby cheeks!

Adoption Day! December 23, 2009  The silly grin says it all!

Our curly haired Drama Queen! Things are twice as dramatic with Kiana around.
When she hurts herself she doesn't cry she screams, she doesn't quietly laugh about things, she giggles!
Kiana likes all things girl: dresses, shoes, sweaters and did I mention shoes?? :)
Lotion, hand sanitizer, bubble bath and barrettes disappear when Kiana is around.

This picture was taken on her birthday date with daddy. Burger King is "the place"! Last year she ate gobs of food, this year she could hardly sit long enough to eat, she couldn't wait to go play. Kiana is very much  a people person and can make up with pretty much anyone. It is not unusual to find her playing with other children who are complete strangers. If I ask her the childs name she will shrug her shoulders. Names are not important, interacting with others, is.We love you Kiana, you add pizzaz and joy to our lives. There are no dull moments with you! May you continue to love others with your whole heart.

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