Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Coffee, muffins and girl talk

coffee cup
I feel renewed, refreshed and encouraged! What a wonderful feeling. Coffee with friends has a way of calming me and giving me the extra boost I need to conquer the mountain called mothering. I often meet ladies at Javateas but wanted to try something different. I found this place on the internet called Northern Lights Cafe. From the comments people left I gathered that the food n coffee were fabulous. We found the place, even had a sign hanging out .... but no coffee shop. There was a barber shop and a door with a "for rent" sign on it. Was disappointed but the cappuccino and cinnamon crumb cake muffin I ordered at Javateas took care of any disappointment that may have been lingering! Julia and I covered a wide range of subjects in the hour we spent together, we gave one another advice, encouragement, insight and wisdom. I then spent a blissful hour at the library all by my self. I feel guilty getting a babysitter just so I can relax. There are times when the stress level gets in the red zone and I need to get away. Maybe this short break will take care of the scattered answers, dropped dishes, bumped vehicles and misplaced items. 


  1. I love the way you write...
    and yes time out with friends can be so encouraging. I used to have a sitter who would come once a week and clean while I took Abi to therapy then went out for coffee. We are no longer in crisis mode, so I don't need it as much...

  2. It's worth the money! But I don't like to pay money to go spend money either. :-) Sounds lovely though.... I've never been to Javateas other than to just quickly get a cup of tea or coffee...some day I'm going to go and order food too and just sit there and enjoy it...


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