Monday, March 25, 2013

Snowy Monday

A little over a year ago we met a wonderful lady named Miss Laura. She is Bradens therapist @ COBYS. Laura has also been my therapist while I worked through some junk that came up while helping Braden wade through his junk. Laura is the first therapist we have gone to who understands RAD. She is also a christian which is such a blessing. After going to 4 other therapists and trying a head start program and in home therapists we were almost ready to give up then we met Laura. Anyway, she has always given us good solid advice and we value her opinion. Last week was a rough one and when Braden and I went for our weekly therapy, I was ready to blow. While Braden played in another room Laura listened to my woes and then told me I must be thankful! The best way to deter the crazy cycle we moms with needy children find ourselves in is to count our blessings. That and ask God for help. I knew all that, I wanted sympathy! I left in a slightly less disgruntled frame of mind but still feeling out of sorts. Beginning the very next morning God began to put "thankfulness reminders" in my way. I heard it on songs, read about it, heard sermons on it and the Sunday School lesson I was studying was on Jesus crucifixion and how he gave his all and forgave all! I think God was trying to get my attention. So today I am making an effort to be thankful and it is helping but for those of you who know all about RAD.... the happier mom is, the more the needy child must act out in order to get mom back to where he feels he is in control. Can you guess how Mr. Braden is acting?

Guess what we have???? SNOW! We have several inches although it has gone down quite a bit due to the almost 40 degree temperature. Tristan was really hoping to have a snow day. When I reminded him that if he took today off he would have one less day of Easter vacation he changed his mind. His thought is to go and get it over with!

Our dogs Emily and David. We aren't very good at naming dogs! I took the picture through the window    cause I didn't feel like putting shoes on and going outside, thus the fuzzy picture.

This coming week end we plan to go to the cabin with friends. Since getting ready to go to the cabin looks like a mountain, I am working ahead a bit. That included doing some baking. I made fudge puddles and had plans to mix up some cookies, only to discover I am out of eggs. Deans birthday is today and I had also planned to make him a cake or a pan of brownies. I found a recipe for Ooey Gooey Brownies that didn't call for eggs. They smelled wonderful but when I tried to remove the wax paper they fell in pieces! Rather than admit defeat I put them back in the pan, smashed them together and put icing on top. Might have to serve them with a spoon. Thankfully Dean isn't picky .... see there is something else to be thankful for!

        The partially filled fudge puddles, I ran out of the ingredients for the chocolate filling

Kiana licking the spoon

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  1. I have some freshly laid eggs. :) Our chickens are slowly starting to lay. I think some of them were too young and we are getting some really nice ones. So, if you need eggs, next time you know who to ask! Hope your packing goes well. We are headed out too. Next our neighborhood will be empty!


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