Monday, April 1, 2013

our week end

We are struggling to get back into the normal routines after spending a long week end at the cabin with friends. We left home Thursday evening and arrived home again around 8:30 pm last night. The troops were all glad to be home again, including mom and dad! We rented Deans uncle Marks cabin. It was the first time we were there but if Tristan has any say in the matter we will be going again. The cabin sits on app 100 acres and there are golf cart trails all around the cabin. Tristan and his friend Ben, each had a golf cart so we didn't see much of them, except for the times they had to let their rides sit and cool down.

The golf carts were a muddy mess. There was snow and mud everywhere and what is more fun than splashing through puddles?

Tristan and Ben returning from a ride through the woods

Saturday evening the men and older boys went to town for some gas. The ladies helped the rest of the children make these hats from Styrofoam bowls and plates.

Had Mountain Pies for supper on Friday evening.

Our home for a few days.

We had a bit of drama Saturday afternoon. Thankfully I wasn't aware of it until everything was over. The older boys went on a golf cart ride through the woods and Joseph wanted to go along but since they were not allowed to have passengers on the trail, they told Joseph he has to stay back. Joseph got cross and followed them. Of course he couldn't keep up. Awhile later Dean discovered Joseph was missing. After asking around, he found out that no one had seen him since the boys told him he may not ride with them. Dean hopped on a golf cart and began zooming up n down trails. He was ready to call for the other men to help search when he found Joseph trudging along a trail. Dean asked Joseph where the cabin is and Joseph admitted that he didn't know. That evening Joseph threw a major tantrum. He only has those fits when something is really bothering him. I held him and left him scream while Luna made herself at home digging through our suitcases. All the while my mind was wondering what the other ladies were thinking. Joseph finally admitted that he was really scared when he was lost and that is how he feels when he thinks of how his birth mommy didn't care for him. He thought we might go home and never find him. Poor boy! I had to cry over his loss and pain. We sat and had a good cry together. Let no one ever say you can't create a bond through tears because I have proof you can! After a few more hugs and kisses I tucked him into bed and he fell into an exhausted sleep. 
On Saturday the girls and ladies did a bit of shopping then went out for coffee. The coffee stop was one of the high lights of the weekend for me. There isn't much I enjoy more than sipping coffee and chatting with other moms. 

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  1. So nice to get away! And so nice when our little ones can use their words instead of screams (eventually) to help us understand...still working on that here... Love coffee times as well!


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