Saturday, April 20, 2013

Adrenal Fatigue

I am spending this beautiful day sitting on the sofa. There is cleaning and outside work that needs to be done but here I sit. No I am not sick, not really anyway. You see I spent to many days doing fun things this week and didn't spend enough time sitting around resting. I have Adrenal Fatigue, something I never knew existed until several weeks ago. I have battled fatigue off and on for years. It began the summer I had three babies to care for. When things got hectic or the stress level got to high I would  spend two or three days on the sofa then I would get back up to power until the next time. Early this year I began to be so weary I couldn't get my groceries without feeling nauseous and so tired my very bones hurt, my emotions were pretty off the wall as well. The doctor did some labs but everything came back clear. I began to think it must be all in my head.... maybe I was going crazy?! One day I made a passing comment about my fatigue in an email to another mom who has a troubled child. She promptly replied and said she knows what is wrong with me. Every human has two adrenal glands and when the body is under stress for extended periods of time those glands are depleted and your body begins to suffer. Head aches, nausea, fatigue, emotions all over the place. That was me alright. Next question, how do I handle this problem? My health will continue to deteriorate unless I take care of myself. That means rest and more rest. Saying no to things that I really want to do, letting my weeds thrive even though I yearn to go pull them and not worrying about what people think of this lazy woman who can't function through a normal day. I thought I was getting over worrying about what people thought about me, guess I still have a ways to go! Anyway, since we have a family get together tonite and I really want to go, I need to stay put.

Last night I had my family for an early Mothers Day celebration. Lisa and Shari helped with snack so I really didn't have to do much. Around 9:00 I heard a loud crack and the lights went out. A fuse blew on the transformer down by the road. Thankfully Dean believes in having good flash lights on hand so we soon had light. Our neighbor offered us the use of his generator but PP&L said they would be out to fix the fuse in 30 minutes so we prepared for bed in the dark. Of course, we forgot to turn the light switches off so when the electric came on again it woke us up. Made me thankful for electricity!

Our snack

I went shopping with Julia on Thursday. Mom met me at the Lancaster Walmart and took the children. They brought them back last night. Was good to see them again. Mom hadn't told Kiana and Joseph that they were bringing them back cause she knew they wouldn't be very happy. They weren't! Kiana came in the door and promptly burst into tears! She wasn't finished playing at grandma's house! Luna refused to look at me for awhile. I believe she was a little upset that I left her. It didn't take her long to warm up though and today she is back to her normal self.

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  1. Oh my...it would be hard to add adrenal fatigue to my schedule. :-) Praying that you are able to rest and get those adrenal glands in a healthy state eventually... I know it's hard for this mom to "take it easy"....blessings!


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