Friday, April 5, 2013

Our week

I am on my first of two weeks of driving school children. We have a big white Chevy van that we own with 3 other families. Each family drives for two weeks before cleaning it, washing it, filling it with gas and passing it onto the next family. I enjoy driving as I find out a bit more about what is going on at school. Till the two weeks are up though, I am always ready to hand it on to the next person. Tristan enjoys when I drive, he thought perhaps I could offer to drive all the time. Sorry pal!
  Yesterday Luna had a three hour visit with her mom. Usually she has a two hour visit weekly but we skipped last week due to our cabin plans so now we are going to have two 3 hour visits to make up for the missed visit. Luna's visits are usually from 4-6 pm. Deans mom has begun coming over and staying with the children till Dean comes home from work. That way I don't have to try to find something to do that keeps four children happy till the visit is finished. Yesterday I did some shopping then spent an hour or so reading and watching the people as they walked up and down the street. People watching can be quite entertaining!

One of the men that works for PaulB got these MEALS READY TO EAT.  They are what the people in the military eat. Dean got one out of curiosity. It was awful!

Everything was included even a package of powdered drink mix to add to water and a special cardboard thing  that you put the meat and Mac n Cheese into and it heated the food.

This is the heated beef patty covered with BBQ sauce. No wanted more than one bite, not even Joseph who is known for eating pretty much anything.  

I don't have any appointments or visits today so I hope to have a slower day. Best of all it is Friday! I love the slower pace of the evening, no rushing people off to bed cause they have school in the morning. In fact, I let them stay up later in hopes that they will sleep in! Sunday we have our semi annual foster/adoption get together at Overlys Grove. I am to take a finger food along. Would like to make something special since I just brought chips last time! 

Enjoy the sunshine!

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  1. Glad you tested the MRE for me...not curious anymore. I'm bringing clementines and maybe breadsticks for Sun. See you then.


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