Friday, April 12, 2013

Rainy Days

I am thankful for the rain but I sure miss the warm sunshine. Tristan was a grump this morning. Everyone irritated him and he irritated everyone around him. After numerous reminders to speak kindly I asked him what was wrong. His response? "It's dreary outside". He had high hopes of being able to play baseball at recess and was feeling rather let down by all the rain. Joseph thought he could wear a coat and go outside to play even if it was pouring rain. I said no, so he tried next best and wondered if he could just run out to the shop and get his coat, he wouldn't even stay out to play. Sorry sonny, not this time!

I have been finding some really good deals at Goodwill here of late. Just this week I found a tote half full of the small Lego's. Tristan has several sets he received for gifts. Those Lego's bothered Kiana and Joseph to no end. Playing with them was a special treat, one that Tristan didn't grant very often. Now they have Lego's of their own.Thus far they have spent hours building things. I usually have to ask what the finished project is because it bears little resemblance to the real thing. I shouldn't talk though, I built an airplane for Joseph and he told me it looks kinda funny.

Joseph made an airplane..... with a house on the side of it.

Kiana's stash. How do you teach a child to share?

 I wanted to take some pictures of Luna but she refused to sit. Since she loves to imitate, I had the bright idea of snapping some quick pics of the other children, then praising them. She sat, alright and posed beautifully....with her finger up her nose!

Mr. Braden. Please continue to pray for him and us as we strive to show love in the face of anger, anxiety and tantrums. While doing photo albums I noticed I don't have many pictures of this little man. Poor boy has spent so much of his life locked away inside himself that we don't have many opportunities to take spontaneous pictures. I must make a conscious effort to get him to pose in his happier moments. 

I have some good pictures of Luna but we are not supposed to post pictures of foster children so I shall refrain. I do have a few pictures on here that show Luna somewhere among the objects being photographed. I decided to let those be for now. If all goes as planned we have one more weekly visit with mom and a final visit to say good bye then we are done! Yippee! At the same time, I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think of Luna's birth mom. Life isn't fair!

Tonite is Pleasant Valleys Pulled pork and all you can eat salad bar fundraiser supper. The chefs were hard at work when I dropped the school children off this morning. Come out and join us if you want a delicious meal. Everything is by donation and I doubt they would turn you away cause you don't have tickets. 

This is my last day of driving school children. I haven't counted the remaining weeks of school but I am really hoping my turn doesn't come around again. Bring on summer vacation.....I think! As much as I will enjoy having the boys home all day every day we will all need to adjust to a new schedule and adjusting is something this household struggles with. It is lunch time and what shall we have sandwiches or cereal? I think this would be a good cereal day. Don't gasp my children love it and appear to be  healthy and growing so bring on the cereal!

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