Monday, April 15, 2013

Parks and Ministering Angels

Last night we took Braden to Miss Kelli in Pine Grove PA. on the way home we stopped at Myerstown Park. Miss Kelli lives almost an hour away and the children were not to impressed with the idea of spending their evening riding in the Explorer, the prospect of some playtime at the park cheered them a little.

Joseph climbed to the top of the jungle gym and panicked. Don't go by his smile, the poor boy was so scared he couldn't move. 

Luna climbed up the steps and went down the little slide over and over again. This morning I asked her if  she had fun and she said, "Whee, plops!" Her vocabulary is pretty limited so she has to use the few words she has to explain herself!

Miss Kiana bounced from one thing to the next.

Tristan was bored with the "boring" playground equipment so Dean pitched balls so he could practice batting.

While I was standing around watching the children play a lady came up to me and asked if Luna is adopted. I explained that we are hoping we can in the near future. The lady who's name was Missy, said she was adopted herself and she and her husband hoped to adopt someday as well. She was adopted at 12 years of age and has a relationship with her birth mom. She tells her mom that even though she made many mistakes she still has the opportunity to accept Christ and turn her life around. She harbors no bitterness towards her mom even though she went through many horrors most of us know nothing about. She blessed us and asked if she may pray for Braden. I was so encouraged to hear her share how she over came her circumstances and is now living in victory. With God all things are possible! While driving to the park we had been listening to a story about angels who come to us in the form of other humans and minister to us as we go about our daily lives. I wonder if Missy realized she was an angel who ministered to me! May you be richly blessed Missy! 


  1. Touching...there are many little ways that God uses other people to be "angels" in our lives. Thanks for sharing your angel experience. Blessings to you today!


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