Friday, April 26, 2013

Thursday Happenings

This Adrenal Fatigue is wreaking havoc with me and my poor family! I thought I was doing pretty well in that I would do light housework in the morning, rest in the afternoon and cope in the evening. The other day Dean kindly but firmly told me that either I get more help or I will be unable to function at all. I don't like having other people seeing all of our "dirt". Some of it is the normal kind and some of it is the residue remaining from the rough beginning's in little peoples lives. Don't get me wrong, I greatly appreciate all the help my various maids have given through the years. They stuck by us through some rough times and saw some dirty dirt. Anyway, I made a few phone calls and Deans cousins daughter has agreed to help us out. As of now Andrea is planning on helping me out three days a week. I wonder if she has any idea what she is getting into. Thankfully this morning is going better than yesterday morning! Here is a glimpse of how the morning went down: Kiana awoke cheerfully enough.... until she saw Luna playing with her doll house. She threw a fit, I told her to stay in her bed until she can be happy, which she refused do so she needed to sit on the steps where I could watch her while I sorted laundry. She was so angry I didn't even try to reason with her while she was in that frame of mind. I told her she needs to stay sitting until she calms down. Meanwhile Joseph was upset because he refused to wear the shirt I laid out for him to put on. I told him he has two options, wear the shirt or keep his pj shirt on. He laid on the floor and kicked n screamed. Braden was doing his strong sitting while waiting for the school van. Just as the van pulled in, he remembered it was his turn to bring show and tell. The van was waiting so he had to leave without it. He walked out with a huge snoot. Kiana was sitting on the steps yelling that she is going to die because she hadn't had any breakfast. Joseph was kicking n screaming, Luna was fussing and I had this fleeting vision of Andrea taking one disbelieving  look and promptly leaving! We got all the issues settled and the day proceeded to go  better there on out!

Last night was Pleasant Valley's Spring Program. I thought the children did a wonderful job. I didn't get any pictures of the boys before we left, partly because one son was so anxious he spent the hour before it was time to leave releasing his "big feelings" and partly because we needed to keep moving or risk being late. Braden was really uptight but he put a smile on his face to walk into his classroom and returned my kiss before I left him. He did well despite that deer in the headlights look he gets when he is uptight. Tristan was moaning that his class didn't sing nearly as well as the high school group did. He seemed surprised when I told him third graders aren't expected to sing as well as teens!

Today we are having a birthday party for Tristans teacher. The party is at 12:45. I am to bring the ice cream. The little people don't know we are going or I am sure they couldn't contain their excitement! Dean roasted some special coffee beans and Tristan picked out a special travel mug to add to his teachers gift. It was amusing to watch him try to decide which mug Mrs. Tasha would like best. Luna was so tired of shopping and Tristan just couldn't decide which mug ..... a purple one or a green one??? We shall enjoy these "young years" as they fly by so quickly. In another 9 years he will be 18!!! :0

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