Saturday, April 27, 2013

Birthday Party

Isn't today just gorgeous? I really should pull the weeds around my strawberry plants and in my tea patch. Our garden has been plowed but still isn't tilled. That is ok though cause it is too early to plant ours anyway. The ground is still fairly wet and if we plant to soon it gets very hard and alot of the plants never break through.
  We were able to attend Mrs. Tasha's birthday party yesterday. The preschoolers had a hard time letting the 3rd graders have the first go at all the games. They are used to little people going first. It didn't hurt them to wait and perhaps they learned a little about waiting in line and taking turns.

Explaining the first game. 

Lollipop Ring Toss

For this game they each were given a marshmallow. They were to lick it, stick it to their forehead, run to the rope and back. The first team finished won. 

Flip Flop cake

Third Grade and Mrs. Tasha

We stopped at the grocery store to pick up ice cream prior to the party and a certain child took a box of candy from the register and put it in his pocket. This time it wasn't Braden either. I made the child return the candy and tell the cashier what happened. The child didn't seem very repentant. Very nonchalant. Later in the evening we discovered this has happened before. Where were the parents??? Very humbling.

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