Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paperwork, Yuck!

All the paperwork we have been filling out is making me bonkers. I am afraid I could sign my life away and not even be aware of it! I don't mind filling things out but when people call asking for this or that paper with such and such a signature and don't forget it needs to be dated by.... Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what I am doing! Searching for a paper that out lined our family service plan. I vaguely remember some such paper but did I sign it while meeting with COBYS or was it at the meeting with Bradens respite provider? Or was it even for Braden? Could it have been something we were to sign for Luna? We are working through COBYS for both of them so perhaps I have the wrong paper for the wrong child in mind??

Anyone interested in being an attorney/secretary for us? I will gladly put all calls through to you that have anything to do with this whole fiasco with BCCYS/therapist/TAP and Luna's adoption. So thankful Miss Sharon has walked this same road and is willing to walk us through each step. She is even getting a therapist on board and letting our therapist know who it is and why she chose such a person. 

Court went well yesterday, I guess. See, Luna and I didn't even attend the hearing. Our app was at 3:00 so I was there by 2:30 just in case they would be on time or possibly even be running ahead of schedule. At 4:15 we went to the "holding room" as I call it as our case was coming up next. We got situated in court only to have someone say, "Luna hasn't seen the GAL yet!" So out we go and the next case went in for their hearing. After waiting 10 minutes or so the GAL came down and looked at Luna. She said, "Luna is really growing!" You may leave you don't need to stay for the hearing. So we left. There was this cutest little boy there waiting for his court hearing as well. His grandma and I discovered he was Luna's twin! They had alot of fun playing together. They would point and chatter, giggling the whole time. Was a bright spot in my day.

Friday evening/Saturday the men n boys from church are going on an over night canoeing trip. Since it will just be the girls and I at home I plan to spend Saturday morning going to yard sales. Kiana was disappointed she couldn't go canoeing but when she heard about my plans she decided she is getting the better end of the deal.

                                         This where the children spend alot of their time. 

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