Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Explaining Our Motives

Yesterday we met with a group of people from BCCYS as they had concerns about us posing as an adoptive family for Luna and at the same time sending another child away. We explained why we did what we did and why we didn't do what we didn't do and a multitude of things in between. They also wanted to know if we ever planned to bring Braden home or if this was permanent. I think we got things cleared up between us. Luna's GAL wanted her moved asap. My heart dropped when I heard that! I was literally praying before every word as I could feel things were hanging in the balance and a wrong word would be all it took to have us packing her bags. Thankfully God intervened and they all agreed that Luna is where she needs to be at this point. Thanks to all who prayed for us!

Last evening we met with Bradens therapist Miss Laura. We hadn't met with her since Braden left and since things moved so quickly I wasn't sure what she would say. She is concerned that Braden does not have an "emotional" therapist working with him so I contacted TAP about getting a therapist on board. I am still awaiting a reply. Laura did inform us that Luna's CW was very concerned about the fact that we had Braden doing so much strong sitting. So much so that she asked Laura if CYS should be involved. That scared me! Previously we had been having Braden strong sit for extended periods of time simply because he refused to co operate. Laura suggested telling him he needs to strong sit and it is his choice whether he wants to sit nice for 5 minutes or sloppy for 10 minutes. AT the end of that period we were to go on and consider whatever the offense was as a finished process. Thankfully we immediately implemented that and Laura was able to pass that onto the CW.

Today we have 6 month review hearing for Luna. Pray for both Luna and I as the Berks office will be an emotional place for us. For me because so much drama unfolded there yesterday and for Luna as she hasn't seen her mom for almost 6 weeks. Nothing will be decided at this point as we are still waiting for the appeal to go before the superior judge. It is a mandatory procedure, nothing more.

I thought my adrenal fatigue issues were coming along really well until I got the load of stress dumped on me yesterday. I found out that yes I do feel good, so long as there aren't any major stressors in my life. Maybe someday my stress hormones will regulate themselves! For now I am spending the day being lazy until I need to go to court. Yesterday zapped any energy that may have even been attempting to resurrect itself. It is a good reminder though cause feeling this way helps me remember why we needed help with Braden and maybe I can stop thinking did we really do the right thing?

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  1. Thanks for the update! Yes, the emotional toll is so stressful...after court and other stressful things I try to listen to my body telling me to take it easy for a bit instead of jumping into all the things that have fallen behind...even now, when we have a severe meltdown, I find myself so drained that I just want to sit and read a book for awhile!


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