Monday, July 1, 2013

Family Time

We enjoyed a very relaxing family centered week end. On Saturday the girls and I went to some local yard sales. Kiana was thrilled to find a sparkly wallet! She had been begging for a wallet for quite some time already. Her next request was for money to put inside it. I told her I will give her some when we go to yard sales again as I didn't want her keeping change in it for fear Luna would find it and choke. Saturday evening we worked outside then went to Boehringers for burgers and ice cream. Luna ate only a few spoon fulls of ice cream before claiming the cup of root beer which she ended up draining!
   Sunday we had a fellowship meal after church then Dean, Luna and I all took long naps. The other three were supposed to sleep. I guess you could say they rested but there wasn't any sleeping involved. We then spent some time in the pool with the children. Luna is finally getting over her fear of the water. We tried putting her in the pool soon after we filled it. The water was cold and she was not at all impressed! After supper we went kayaking at the Project. Dean and Tristan each had a kayak and Kiana and Joseph took turns riding with Dean. They saw two eagles out at one end of the "lake". Tristan really wanted to me to go out to see them. I hesitated at first but am really glad I tried kayaking. It was fun and Tristan was so proud to be able to show mom around!

Miss Kiana enjoying a snack after her kayak ride

Tristan and I returning from our ride

The lake was beautiful with the clouds reflecting on the water.

I got some really cute pictures of Luna fishing in the water puddles. She kept saying, "Watch, watch, Fish!"
Please continue praying for us and our family. For safety, as we are being closely watched by the county just to be sure we are caring for our children properly and for peace of mind as well. My mind wants to wander to all the what ifs but there is no peace there. Our God is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or even think to ask!

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  1. Looks like fun...my husband would love to have a kayak! And praying as well...


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