Friday, July 5, 2013

An Uneventful Week

Not much has been happening around here. At least nothing note worthy! The week has been spent packing and working ahead so we can enjoy being lazy next week. We plan to leave for Chincoteague tomorrow around lunch time. If all goes as planned we will eat lunch then everyone will sleep while we drive. I bought a new Odyssey CD and have a bunch of snacks and books for the children to look at if they get bored. We rented a house for the week and have quite a list of things we would like to do including kicking back and relaxing.

Tristan lost his pet cat, Socks. We do not have very good success with cats. On Monday Socks rode to work under Deans truck. Thankfully Dean saw it and rescued her before she ran off. This morning Socks has once more gone missing. Tristan is going around to all the neighbors asking if they have seen her. I asked him if he prayed that he would find her and he gave me the "Duh, mom" look and said, "Of course I did!"

I talked with Miss Sharon and we plan to talk to Braden sometime after we come home from Chincoteague. Miss Laura his therapist, didn't think not having any contact was a good idea. Laura, Sharon and I emailed one another and decided to do a phone call. Sharon said Braden is one tough little boy, he is hanging on to his control with all he has. She is having trouble getting him to want to change because he is just as happy sitting on the side lines and watching as he is when joining in. Usually a child decides to give up the control issues in order to be able to participate in the activities going on around him. Braden acts as though he doesn't care. I am so thankful someone else is responsible for his training for awhile.

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun. Chincoteague is one of our favorite spots to relax. We haven't decided if we are going or not yet this year. Have fun relaxing and spending time with you family!!


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