Saturday, August 3, 2013

Last night we went to Green Dragon. The children beg to go every time we pass the sign on 272, which is pretty often! Dean needed a new belt and years ago he used to buy them from a man who made genuine leather ones and sold them at Green Dragon. Yesterday I told the children we are going to go somewhere they have wanted to go for a long time and had them guess. Their guesses were anywhere from going to grandma to having their birthdays early! When I told them, Tristan literally deflated and said, "I thought it would be something more fun than that!" Guess you can't please some people! He did have fun and was the one complaining when it was time to leave.

                   Dean bought the children funnel cake and lemonade. Kiana was begging to eat every few minutes and Luna kept saying, "eat, eat!"

Joseph lost another tooth yesterday. He was so proud of himself and Kiana went and cried cause her second tooth just wasn't quite loose enough!

I bought an 18 pound case of cherries this week. They were delicious but there is no way we were going to eat that many before they spoiled. So I canned 7 quart. My mom used to can cherries and I always liked them. Not sure my children will be impressed though.

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