Monday, August 5, 2013

Our Weekend

8 weeks ago we took Braden to TAP in MD. He still hasn't begun to hand over his control issues. In some ways it is disappointing in other ways it validates that I wasn't the problem. I knew it wasn't me but there was still a fear there that Braden would thrive in another home and then I would need to figure out what was wrong with me. Miss Sharon was taking him to see the therapist whom she works under. BCCYS was concerned that Sharon was not licensed so we chose to have Kate Oliver join his team. I spoke with Kate one day last week and was very impressed with her empathy and understanding of RAD. So many professionals seem to have "book knowledge" but do not understand how draining and traumatizing it can be living with a child like Braden. I am anxious to hear how things go for her.

On Saturday we babysat for friends of ours. We take turns having a date night once a month. They decided to go for a lunch date beings the restaurant they wanted to go to didn't have evening hours. Our neighbors little boy was also here over lunch time so we had a table full of hungry children to feed. In the evening the youth from church had all the members for a baseball game and supper at Blue Lake. We enjoyed Burgers, fries and soft ice cream. Dean helped play ball. Kiana told him, "Daddy, I saw you run!" I guess she was amazed that her daddy could run like that.

Sunday we got invited away for lunch which was very nice. I was planning to have a leftover casserole that didn't turn out quite like I had hoped. No one minded not having to eat it for lunch! After quick naps we spent the evening visiting with another foster family. We shared our experiences raising our little ones adopted from the foster care system, gave each other encouragement and advice and had a nice evening all around. Joseph's behavior has been anything but pleasant to deal with here of late. I have been trying and trying to figure out what is bothering him, to no avail. My friend suggested loving him as he is instead of trying to fix him. That gave me lots of food for thought. Thus far we have been having a good day but that is subject to change as we have therapy tonight! Therapy stirs up all hurt and pain from the past. While I understand it needs to be dealt with, the healing process is tough!

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